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Forté Farms
Forté Farms was started in 1972. Two hundred feet
above the valley floor and right over the Colorado
River we found the perfect location on East Orchard
Mesa in Palisade.

Our second and third years on the farm we grew the
fruit according to Organic methods. It soon dawned
on me that I was spraying more, not less under
these rules and the expense involved forced me to
market to a small niche. I resolved that I wanted my
fruit to have broad appeal so it could not be too
I decided to grow a "boutique" orchard. I would
fawn over a relatively small acreage and raise as
many different types of fruit on these manicured
acres as possible. In the past 34 years I've bought
and sold two other orchards, I have also leased
many other orchards, but I'm now farming only the
original twenty acres.
We have 11 varieties of peaches, 10 types of
plums, 7 kinds of apricots, three types of apples,
and two varieties of cherries and Bartlett pears. We
also have new plantings of apriums and pluots
(recently developed crosses between apricots and
plums). I have developed long lasting
relationships with a few other quality growers to
provide the other items you might find in our
store or at our stands at the Farmers Markets.

By using relatively strong chemicals in the dormant
season and with the use of pheromone mating
disruption techniques (flooding the orchard with
the pest's pheromones so the males cannot find
the females) we are often able to bring our
peaches, plums, apricots and cherries to market
without ever having sprayed them.

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"Sex and the Single Moth"

Peter Forté